Hialuronato de Sodio Chinfield

Joint repairing-Condroprotective. MOLECULAR WEIGHT 1,800,000 Dalton


At the beginning of the osteoarthrosis, the patients’ joints are characterized by the loss of proteoglycans molecules in the joint cartilage. These biochemical changes of the cartilage in the affected joints are not only given by the reduction of proteoglycans, but also of hialuronic acid. Sodium hyaluronate, (sodium salt of the hialuronic acid), is a natural polymer belonging to the glucose aminoglicans class (acid mucopolysaccharides).
Therefore, it is an essential component of the synovial liquid characterized by its viscoelasticity, hygroscopic and lubricating properties; all these qualities that protect the joints from pressure and friction, which the joint surfaces are subject to, and which generate with movement. The quality and characteristics of the synovial liquid are directly related to the animal’s joint health.


For the treatment of joint dysfunctions due to non-infectious synovitis associated to osteoarthritis. In tendovaginitis,joint or tendon post-surgery, joint post toilette, support of repair of joint fractures.

Target species:

Sport and working equines not intended to human food consumption.

Posology, dosage and administration:

Adult equine:
2 ml intraarticular in small or medium joints (interphalangeal, ankle, carpus, tarso-metatarsal, etc.).
4 ml intraarticular in large joints (tibial-astragalin, femoral-tibial-patellar, etc.).
Intraarticular route with strict asepsis and antisepsis measures. It may be administered together with ARTIDEXA Chinfield® OR TRIAMCINOLONA Chinfield®.
In case the repetition of the administration is necessary, wait for 7 days between applications in the same joint.
It is recommended not to exceed total number of three (3) applications for the same joint.

Possible collateral effects:

Local: inflammation of the joint which goes into remission in 24-48 hours.
General: not described in the bibliography.


As this product is used in intraarticular route, its application should be done under strict asepsis and antiasepsis conditions. Avoid the use of local antiseptics such as chlorhexidine and quaternary ammonium salts, including benzalkonium chloride, as they may cause sodium hyaluronate precipitation. The administration of this product requires extreme attention in the following cases: This product may worsen local inflammation in animals suffering from arthritis and having severe inflammation of the joint. It is recommended to postpone the administration until the local symptom is treated and disappears. Local pain due to the intraarticular administration of this product is not frequent, but in case the pain appeared after application, the animal should be kept resting during a short time.
International bibliography states that up to 22% of the applications may cause inflammations of different intensity in the site.
If it is necessary to repeat the administration, wait for 7 days between applications in the same joint.
Discontinue the treatment if no improvement of the symptoms is observed after the third application.
In case of application in joints with hydroarthrosis, drain the excess of synovial liquid previously.
In case of prior cold storage, do not apply cold. It should be left to warm before administration.


Box containing 5 ampoule bottle x 2 ml.


Sodium hyaluronate …………………………………….. 20 mg
Formulation agents q.s. ……………………………….. 2 ml

The product must be applied by a Veterinary Doctor.


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